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A Funk Above The Rest Radio Show


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A Funk Above The Rest Radio Show
Saturdays 6pm-8pm MST
Sundays 8pm-10pm MST

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A Funk Above The Rest – The Funkiest Show On Radio!
You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Like It!

A Funk Above The Rest is the most unique R&B show broadcasting in the 21st century! Its format is like no other in that it features the productions of both major & independent artists, from all over the world, side by side in a mixture of funk, soul, and a sprinkle of other genres. Much of it having never been heard across an international platform!

The show’s uniqueness is honored in the fact that A Funk Above The Rest is the only radio program in all of America that Funky Town Grooves, a reissue label based in London England partners!

  1. Your taste and judgment in music is impeccable to say the least...Randy Mahon (Artist coordinator, Funky Town Grooves Record Label)

  2. Bruce E. Gipson... two of the best hours on radio: Skip Reeves' "A Funk Above the Rest" show ...

  3. In honor of my 14 yr old son who has autism, he loves the music! He dances when he hears it. He does not do this with other radio shows. He loves the funk! This show is my favorite Saturday night event! Kimberly Sedalia, Co
  4. *Skip, your show is real and authentic…Ritchie Rich CEO CJRR Radio Echelon - Canada

A Local Feel with International Appeal

The show is internationally syndicated, live broadcasting, streaming, and podcasting on both terrestrial and digital networks reaching around the globe, either live or in its prerecorded format. Host “Skip The Funktologist” does not follow the commercial approach to radio as do other stations and or personalities. A Funk Above The Rest Radio Show has been responsible for exposing many independent artists to a worldwide audience of listeners! For a good time of great music, listen in, and enjoy!!!

Saturdays 9pm-11pm MST

Soul Sanctuary

Washington D.C.
Sundays 3pm-5pm EST

Tues 4pm-6pm | Thurs 1pm-3pm | Sat 8am-10am EST

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A Funk Above The Rest
Tues & Sat 8pm-10pm PST
World Advantage Network

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A Funk Above The Rest
Thurs & Sunday 6pm-8pm EST.

A Funk Above The Rest
Monday-Friday 5am-7am MST
United Kingdom - London England

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Canada - 7pm-9pm EST

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A Funk Above The Rest
Every Friday Morning - 7am-9am MST
95.2FM - Tha Land

Friday - 3pm-5pm CET (Italy)

9pm-12am Midnight
2nd Saturday Night of each Month
Grand Junction & Palisades CO

Canada - Fridays 7pm-9pm EST


Mon-Fri 8pm-10pm EST

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